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Top Games for RV Camping


When you're camping with your family and friends in your RV, it’s fun to enjoy a game to pass the time. Whether it’s an outdoor game when the sun is shining or an indoor board game when it’s raining, games are a fun way to spend quality time with your loved ones and make new memories. There are many options for games to pack in your RV for both kids and adults. Since camping is meant to disconnect from the outside world, we are going to highlight the best games for RV camping that don’t involve electronics, such as Nintendo or Playstation.

Indoor Games


Playing Cards

Card games are one of the most common games to play when camping. They take up hardly any space and the game options are endless. From Crazy 8’s, EUchre, Gin Rummy, Go Fish or Spades, there’s something for everyone.


Scrabble is another classic game with fun for the family. Make sure you secure the box when traveling to make sure you don’t lose any letter tiles while in transit.


Cards Against Humanity

This game is for adults only. The active player reads the black cards. The remaining players select a white card that is most appropriate for the black card. This game is full of laughs to enjoy with your friends.


Yahtzee is a must have on any camping trip. Press your luck and roll the dice. The points are calculated in various combinations making it a fun, family friendly game.


Monopoly Deal

Monopoly deal is a travel friendly version of the classic game. It works for two people or a larger group. This innovative travel version has the fun of the original with some unique twists.


LCR is a fun game packed into a small package. Three dice marked with three dots, L for left, R for right and C for center. Each player has a number of chips or coins and takes turns rolling the dice. You pass your chips or coins in the direction of the dice, left for L etc. If you get a dot you keep your coins. The last player to have chips or coins wins.


Board Games

Depending on if there’s children traveling with you, it's always good to bring a few board games along with you during your camping trip. If you have younger kids with you, Candylans, Life, Operation and Hungry Hippo are a few favorites. Also, Sequence, Monopoly, and Clue are some great options for the adult crowd.

Outdoor Games



Cornhole is a fun, outdoor game that is a lot like horse shoes. Your toss bean bags onto the boards with a circular hople on one end and a slight slant. Place the boards about 20 feet apart facing each other and take turns tossing the bean bags. Points are scored when you land on the board or a bean bag falls into a hole. This game is fun for the whole family, only downside is it can take up room in your RV while traveling.



Ladderball is similar to corn hole but you have to throw plastic golf balls around the plastic pipes. Points are scored based on the tier you land on. There are convenient travel size Ladderball kits you can purchase to make storage a little easier.


Kan Jam

Kan Jam is also similar to corn hole but you throw a frisbee into a plastic cylinder that has a slot cut into the front. Two teams of two players take turns and you get points if you hit the can, send it through the slot or knock it in with your hands.



Jenga is a fun game you can now play outdoors. Each player takes a piece out of the tower without knocking it over. First player to make it fall loses. You can even add truth or dares written to each piece to make the game more interesting.


Frisbee, Basketball, Football, Volleyball

Bringing a frisbee or ball to throw back and forth is an easy item to pack to play a game. Check to see if your campground has a volleyball or basketball court.


If your family is avid game night people and you’re looking to upgrade your RV to accommodate your needs, the staff at Lakeshore RV in Muskegon can help you find the perfect recreational vehicle to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for the perfect booth dinette for the whole family to play board games or extra storage to pack all the indoor and outdoor options, we have the perfect RV to meet your needs. Make memories that will last a lifetime. Call us today! 231-788-2040

2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction