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2024 Camping Season Kick-Off
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Christmas RV Decorating

christmasrvdecoratingheaderimage copyJust like decorating your home for the holidays, you should fill your RV with Christmas cheer as well! If you're going to be spending this Christmas in your RV, plan to bring along some festive decorations that will brighten your holiday and bring a smile to your face. Whether you like to set the neighborhood ablaze with thousands of twinkling lights or just put out a few meaningful decorations here and there, there isn't any reason you can't do the same in your home away from home this holiday season. Make Christmas RV decorating a part of your holiday this year!

Here are a few ideas you can use to deck your RV halls with festive cheer.

Christmas RV DecoratingA Wreath

Whether you make or buy a wreath, it will instantly add a festive look to the inside (or outside!) of your RV. Attach one (securely!) to the front grill of your motorhome and everyone you pass on the road will feel your holiday cheer. Your RV's door or inside walls will look nice with a wreath that says It's the holidays!  

Christmas RV DecoratingWindow Decals

Window decals are fun, easy, and re-usable year after year! Available in all shapes and sizes (reindeer, presents, Christmas trees, candles, etc.), you'll be able to find ones to suit your decorating style. They are a whimsical way to brighten up your windows and decorate your RV with very little expense and effort. Decals are probably the only decoration that literally takes up no space! When the holiday is over, just peel them off and place them back on the plastic sheet you bought them in so they're good as new next year.

Christmas RV DecoratingCandles

This is a tricky one! If you're used to using candles at home as decoration and are good at remembering to extinguish them when you leave, then there really isn't any problem having them in your RV. Go crazy with red and green candles that give off a holiday scent (cinnamon or pine) and look so pretty. But if you aren't comfortable having lit candles inside your RV but want the cozy atmosphere that candles create, look into buying battery-powered candles that will illuminate your RV in the same way. Same ambiance, less risk of burning down your RV.

Christmas RV DecoratingStrands of Lights

You have a couple options for decorating your RV in Christmas lights. Regular Christmas tree lights work fine, but they tend to get tangled when stored and no one likes dealing with knotted lights. Rope lights are easy to install and easy to store. They don't tangle like regular lights. LED lights are a great investment. For just $10-$20, a few strands of LED lights can really make your RV sparkle in brilliant holiday colors while using very little energy.

Christmas RV DecoratingA Tree for Your RV

Since you're spending the holiday in an RV, there's no need to go out in search of the biggest, tallest tree you can find. Living in an RV kind of forces you to tone things down and do things on a smaller scale, which isn't a bad thing. Look for a small tree that will be just perfect as the centerpiece inside your decked-out RV. If you're short on floor space, then consider a nice table-top tree that will have the same effect. Many stores sell table-top trees that can be decorated with mini lights, ornaments, and tinsel made especially for small trees. Or buy one that comes full decorated. Just find the perfect spot for it, wrap a little cloth or felt piece around it as the tree skirt, and you're done.

Christmas RV DecoratingOrnaments

Since ornaments are usually small by nature, these are easy to hang up inside your RV. There are tons of cute RV-related ornaments that would look nice hanging inside your RV. And one of my favorite things to do is to collect Christmas ornaments on our trips, such as a moose from Yellowstone or a bear from Acadia. I always write the year and location on them too. They remind me of special places we've been every year I take them out to hang them up.

Christmas RV DecoratingStockings

Bring everyone's stockings from home and hang them inside your RV. This is such a simple way to add a touch of home to your RV for your holiday. I like to hang older ones that our kids used to use when they were young.

Christmas RV DecoratingDecorating outside

When it comes to decorating the exterior of your RV, anything goes! People really show their holiday style with their exterior decorations. You can keep it simple and just string a few lights on your awnings and hang a wreath on your door. Or you can go all out and drape your RV in lights, wreaths, bows, ornaments, and even lawn (campsite) decorations. Set up a few inflatables (available at home improvement stores) for a fun, whimsical look or even toss a wreath over your pink flamingo for a tropical holiday look. Who knows, maybe your RV's festive decor will inspire other campers around you to deck their halls too!

2024 Camping Season Kick-Off
2024 Camping Season Kick-Off