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Top 10 Camping Movies

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I can’t think of a better way to get in an outdoorsy mood than by watching some great camping movies! Whether you’re looking for some family-friendly movies to watch before your first big family camping trip or are in the mood for a terrifying flick that’ll make you second-guess ever setting foot in the woods again, there’s something for everyone on this list. Get the popcorn ready and hit PLAY!

  1. The Great Outdoors (PG)-This comedy from the 80s will have the entire family laughing with its hilarious scenes and funny plot. John Candy and Dan Aykroyd team up in this movie to show you just how easily plans of a relaxing weekend fishing at a Wisconsin lake can go so wrong when an obnoxious brother-in-law and his entire family show up uninvited. What starts as silly fun with water-skiing hijinks and a steak-eating bet turns into serious stuff when the infamous bald bear shows up at their cabin, hungry for revenge.The Great Outdoors

  2. City Slickers (PG-13)- This movie has it all: a great story, beautiful scenery, and a fun cast! For their annual week away from their wives, three friends (Billy Crystal, Bruno Kirby, and Daniel Stern) decide to go on a supervised cattle drive in the Southwest for a much-needed boost of masculinity. Their burly supervisor Curly (Jack Palance) takes them on a journey that unexpectedly turns dangerous. The three men bond along the way and conquer their fear of aging. Great film!City Slickers

  3. RV (PG)- Well-intentioned father Bob Munros (Robin Williams) is desperate to keep his family close together. His job as a soft drink exec is in jeopardy of being given to a young overachiever. His teenage daughter only interacts with social media. His adolescent son compensates for his small size by lifting weights and listening to rap music. And his loving wife is running out of patience with the family. So he plans a family trip to Hawaii in hopes of bringing them all back together. But the trip gets sidelined by Bob’s job when he agrees to deliver a key merger proposal way up in the Rocky Mountains (when they’re supposed to be on the beaches of Hawaii). Without telling his family the real reason behind trading in their Hawaiian vacation for an adventure into the mountains, he rents an RV and off they go. It isn’t long before the wheels start to fall off on this hilarious trip when everything that can go wrong in an RV really does! The whole family will love this one!RV

  4. Bushwhacked (PG-13)- In this slapstick comedy, clumsy delivery guy Max Grabelski (Daniel Stern) takes the fall for a money-laundering scheme he doesn’t have anything to do with. When he is caught looking very guilty of this crime and possibly the murder of a notorious con artist, he flees from the Feds. While on the run, he is mistaken by Boy Scouts as an experienced mountain guide who is supposed to take them on a weekend hike into the woods. It’s obvious early on that this city slicker doesn’t know anything about survival in the outdoors and even leads the scouts down the wrong trail to Devil’s Peak. Comedy ensues and both Max and his scouts learn life lessons along the way.Bushwacked

  5. Meatballs (PG)- This screwball comedy takes place at a budget summer camp called Camp Northstar where Bill Murray (Tripper) is the head counselor, even though he’s only marginally more mature than his young, hyper campers. Tripper befriends 11-year-old Rudy, an outcast and a loner, who accidentally loses the soccer game for his team and then runs away (temporarily). The two of them, along with Roxanne (Tripper’s love interest) and the camp’s director Morty (Harvey Atkins), prepare for the annual Olympiad in which their camp battles the wealthier, more athletic Camp Mohawk in activities like cup stacking, potato-sack racing, a nauseating hot dog-eating contest, and a final cross-country run, in which Rudy shines. You’ll be cheering for the underdogs in this Ivan Reitman comedy.Meatballs

  6. The Parent Trap (PG)- This re-made Disney tale takes place at a summer camp in Maine where identical twins meet for the first time after being separated shortly after their birth by the divorce of their parents (Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid). Now preteens, the girls (Lindsay Lohan) devise a scheme to switch places and identities so they can each live with the parent they’ve missed. Since the parents have lived on opposite sides of the Atlantic, twin Hallie is American and twin Annie is British. If the scheme goes as planned, the girls might just be able to get their parents back together.The Parent Trap

  7. Into the Wild (R)- This drama/biography follows the story of Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) as he ventures into the Alaskan wilderness in search of his identity and meaning of life. After graduating from Emory at the top of his class, he sells his possessions, donates all his money to charity, and leaves his wealthy parents to embark on a journey that takes him through South Dakota, California, and finally into Alaska. The colorful people he meets along the way help shape his experience, and his life in the wilds of the great North take tragic turns in ways he never could have expected.Into the Wild

  8. Stand by Me (R)-Based on the short story “The Body” by Stephen King, this film is set in 1959 in Castle Rock, OR. Four boys (River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Wil Wheaton, and Jerry O’Connell) set out on an adventure to find the dead body of someone accidentally hit by a train. Along the way, the boys learn about each other’s very different home lives and this adventure ends up becoming a defining event in their lives. Also stars Richard Dreyfuss as the story’s narrator and Kiefer Sutherland as a nasty high-school bully. A must-see coming-of-age film!Stand by Me

  9. Heavyweights (PG)- For Gerry, spending the summer at a camp for overweight boys doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Luckily the couple who runs Camp Hope makes it laid back and relaxed. Until they have to declare bankruptcy and sell the camp to a fitness fanatic (Ben Stiller) who makes it anything but fun. With his extreme and cruel training ideas, he turns this camp into a summer nightmare. It isn’t long though before the camp clientele stage a revolt on the obnoxious fitness expert. An entertaining movie for the whole family!Heavyweights

  10. The Blair Witch Project (R)- This documentary-style horror flick may do more to convince you to never go camping again than to start packing the RV. Three college students are at the center of this story that takes you deep into the woods of Maryland. Their intent is to do a film project that documents the Blair Witch incidents of years past. They interview locals in Maryland about the group of witches who tortured and killed children many years ago, but then they lose their way and end up lost in the woods for days. With no way to find their way out and no supplies or gear, they start to unravel. The three kids were never seen again, and this story is told through their film footage that was recovered a year after they went missing. In it you hear the horrific noises that haunted them at night and you see the found artifacts that could only be from the Blair Witch that still lives deep in the woods. For a terrifying look at the world of witchcraft and voodoo, watch this one!The Blair Witch Project

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2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction