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Worst States for Retirement for the RV Enthusiast

worst states for retirement

Hi campers! There have been findings about the worst states in the country in which RV enthusiasts could retire and call home. The findings were based heavily on the taxation system of each state and whether or not it would be to your advantage (as a full-time RVer) to reside in this state. While some states do not have any income tax, the other states have income taxes that range between 3%-13%. As a retired, full-time RVer, you're likely living off of a fixed income and want to make the most of your nest egg. By avoiding the states with the highest income tax rate (California, Hawaii, and Oregon being the top 3 in 2015), you're already making a financially responsible decision as a full-time RVer. Climate, cost of living, and quality of life were also taken into consideration for determining the worst states for retirement for the RV enthusiast. While these states all have wonderful, unique things to offer and are great states to live in and visit, they just aren't very friendly for full-time RVers.

The Top 10 Worst States for Retirement for the RV Enthusiast:

  • Illinois

  • California

  • New York

  • Rhode Island

  • New Jersey

  • Ohio

  • Wisconsin

  • Massachusetts

  • Connecticut

  • Nevada

mapThe three main reasons these states made the list were fiscal health, taxation, and climate of each state. The that would-be retirees might want to think about avoiding states which are in fiscal peril because they might suffer from decreasing services and increasing taxation. The fiscal health of Illinois is said to be the worst of any state and California's expenses are in disarray. New York has a very high cost of living in addition to high taxes, which includes property taxes. Also, New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the United States.

While this report focused on the worst states for retired RVers to call home, it does not encourage banning these states from your travels. Quite the opposite! While these states may not be a good financial choice of full-time RVers, they have so much to offer as far as tourism goes. Each and every one of these states has beautiful landmarks, scenery, cities, parks, and lakes that are definitely worth making the visit to experience. Illinois has Chicago with its Millennium Park, Art Institute, and Shedd Aquarium. California is home to the Redwood National and State Parks that are a must-see for families. And New York has the beautiful Adirondack Mountains with its breathtaking views. So while you're advised to not apply for state residency in these 10 states for financial reasons, you should by all means add these states to your itinerary for gorgeous views, marvelous shopping and dining, and exhilarating activities.
2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction