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Using Your RV At Home

LSRV Using RV at Home HI Owning an RV opens up so many travel possibilities, but what about those times between trips? Sometimes it can be hard to get out and camp as much as you'd like to, but why let your RV sit at home unused? Using your RV at home can have many fun and useful benefits, especially if you have hookups available, so here are some ideas you can try right in your own backyard!

Family Camping Night

Family Camping NightYour first instinct after purchasing an RV is to set it up and see how all the components work so that you're not at a loss on your first trip. Why not make a family night out of it? Whether you make it a one-time event or make it a regular tradition, using your RV at home is a great way for your family to bond! If you have a fire pit, go ahead and build a fire for a real camping experience. It'll also be a great opportunity to try out some camping hacks, recipes, and high-tech camping gear you've been wanting to try and see how they work before you hit the road! By doing a trial run, you'll also realize what things need to be added to a camping checklist.

Kids' Sleepover

Kid's SleepoverThere is just something so exciting about sleeping in the backyard, especially for kids! For younger children, a party with an entire camping theme, followed by a night spent in the RV, could make for a fun sleepover. Some fun ideas include: -Hot dog roasting and picnic dinner -'Smores station -Leaf animal art -Stories around the camp fire -Movie and popcorn For older kids, it can be fun for them to have their own space to hang out and have a sleepover. Bring out some board games and movies and stock the fridge with their favorite snacks and they should be set for the night! Just be sure to set some ground rules and check on them every once in awhile. Kids will be kids, after all!

Tailgate at Home

Tailgate at HomeCan't make it to the big game? This is a perfect opportunity to use your RV at home! Whether it's baseball in the summer or football in the fall, you can set up your favorite tailgating spread right in your backyard! If you have hookups, bring your slow cookers out to the RV, try some new tailgating recipes, pull out the awning, and bring out lawn chairs and enjoy! This can also work with big barbecues as well, as an RV's counter space can save on trips back and forth between the house and RV!

Extra Guest Space

Extra Guest SpaceHaving an RV you can use at home really comes in handy when you plan on having more guests than can fit in your house. If you have relatives coming to town or if a friend needs to stay for a night, your RV is the perfect spot for them to stay comfortably. Even if you might have some space, RV beds can be a lot more comfortable than pull-out sofas or crashing on the couch! If you don't have hookups at your home, remember to remind your guests!

Extra Storage Space

Extra Storage SpaceIf you have some extra boxes or things that might clutter up your home or garage, your RV could be the perfect place to store them when not in use. To avoid clutter, try to avoid tossing loose items into your RV; it will prevent the need to do a lot of cleaning later and will make moving items between places easier.
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